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 Sutherland's Cabinets.         

With over 25 years of experience of design and craftmanship of high end bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, offices, cabinets and home furniture. Sutherland's cabinets provide the highest level of detail to each individual piece of work, taking time, care and precision to provide the perfect design and craftmanship for our customers. 

At Sutherland's Cabinets we take pride in providing handcrafted furniture. All of our kitchens are designed and made by hand, each aspect of the kitchen is bespoke providing the perfect fit to your home. Each framework, mould and joint is created to provide a free flowing design which In turn  produces a beautiful unique  kitchen for your home.

Our bedroom wardrobe's are all also handmade to fit, creating a bedroom perfect for your very own individual style from classic to contemporary. Our bespoke home furniture is created to produce the most luxury piece of furniture for your home. 


Our friendly team work alongside yourselves to produce a design that fits your style, whilst utilising the space you have. We take pride in all of our work handcrafting each piece with care, thought and diligence.

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